Car accidents are scary events but even more so, they can be life altering!

After a car accident, many people are left feeling helpless and frustrated with the process and it is always frustrating to deal with insurance companies. The injury recovery process can be a complicated one and this site is here to help.

After being injured in a car accident myself I decided to research the topic of car accidents and injuries. I spent countless hours researching how to get compensated for my injuries and afterward I built this website. I decided to build this site because of my own frustration after an injury from which I had immediate medical coverage but no financial recovery or compensation for other damages.

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After my car accident, I wanted to know what people should do if they were in an injury-related crash. The goal of this website is to help people receive the best possible recovery after their car accidents.

Specifically, I want readers who have been in an unfortunate situation involving injury to find the information they need and know what steps to take next. I wanted other victims who were injured in auto accidents to know what happens first hand versus attempting to sort through the mess alone.

It seemed like no one at my insurance company understood what I was going through and they would only offer the bare minimum to me in terms of compensation. They just wanted me to go away as easily as possible.

I realized how difficult and frustrating it is to deal with insurance companies. That’s why after becoming angry at their belittling responses during my healing process, I decided that there should be a resource for people who have been in accidents like me so they can get answers quickly from other survivors or even lawyers. With this website I aim to bring some much needed transparency into these processes so people can make educated decisions before signing anything.

Later on my older brother was involved in an accident and I was further frustrated with the insurance companies. They wouldn’t help him because he didn’t have all of his medical records from before and after the crash, even though they were available through our shared health care provider. This made it difficult for us to get any compensation or even know what kind of settlement might be offered. After my first experience, it became very clear to me that there were major problems with how these companies handle claims.

Auto insurance companies make things difficult for people who have been involved in accidents while they’re just trying to receive the help they deserve. We want everyone who is injured and visits this website to be able to enjoy peace knowing you’ve got resources available to them. The more research and reading about it that I did the worse things seemed for me. Most websites didn’t contain any information on how not to get taken advantage of by your insurance company.

Not making any common mistakes after your auto collision can lead you down a better path towards receiving recovery money from your insurance company. This led me to create this site where anyone who has been injured in any type of road traffic incident can eventually find answers regarding compensation.

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After learning more about what people needed following their accident, I realized that many didn’t realize there was so much information available. They did not have the resources to protect themselves from making mistakes like those my brother made when he was hit by another vehicle.

A simple mistake could end up costing someone thousands in medical bills if not more depending upon where you receive treatment for your injury (which may include plastic surgery). This created an issue because as it stands now, even with all these new sites popping up everyday, most are either incomplete or do not contain enough useful information.

I hope that the information on this site helps you recover your losses and return to normal life!